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Rom J Leg Med25(4)373-378(2017)
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Crania sexual dimorphism of an European subpopulation: CT scan discriminant function analysis in a Romanian subadult casuistry

D. T. Raghina, M. Marinescu, A. Diaconeasa, B. Olteanu, P. Perlea, M. Dragu

Abstract: In the field of forensic anthropology, sex estimation remains one of the most important steps in the process of identification of human remains. Although it is known that the best sexing accuracies are obtained through visual (anthroposcopic) assessment, the visual method is highly dependent on the anthropologist`s experience. In this respect, the metric evaluation gains more and more importance, especially when combined with statistical analysis such as the use of discriminant function (DF). It is now unanimously accepted that the DF must be population-specific in order to render the best sexing accuracy. On the other hand, not all populations have skeletal collections, therefore the use of digital imaging (CT or MRI) is continuosly increasing. Furthermore, studies on subadult population are scarse, and up until now, there is no other study on Romanian subadult population crania that uses CT scans. Considering the above, we have evaluated the dimorphism of Romanian subadults by using population-specific DF, calculated on 13 anthropometric measurements taken from 600 CT scans of known subadults (266 girls and 334 boys, age range from 5 to 18 years). The results are encouraging, as the sexing accuracies were from around 75% correctly classified for 8-11 years age interval to 94% for 16-18 years age interval. However, the evolution of the development pattern was not linear, as we have obtained a much lower sexing accuracy (67% to 70%) within the 12-15 years age interval, possibly as a result of the difference in puberty onset and development for boys and girls, which in turn affects the sexual dimorphism within that specific time frame. As a conclusion, we consider the present study as a first step towards a complete profile of Romanian population`s sexual dimorphism.
Keywords: sexual dimorphism, subadult, crania, CT scans, discriminant function

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