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Rom J Leg Med25(4)390-394(2017)
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Suitability of post-mortem cardiac blood for forensic genetic profiling

S. Mandal, S. Kakkar, P. Shrivastava,

Abstract: The study shows the expediency of post mortem (PM) cardiac blood samples in forensic DNA profiling. Sufficient quantities of DNA were extracted from the post mortem cardiac blood samples taken from the dead bodies at various time intervals. Blood samples were easy to obtain and with lesser incubation periods, were analyzed in a short span of time. Samples were taken from the accidental cases and burn cases, which included electric and thermal burns. Complete and balanced DNA profiles were generated with the commercially available kits, AmpFlSTR Identifiler Plus, PowerPlex 16HS, PowerPlex Y 23 and Investigator Argus X-12 multiplex kit, which are easily available and are being used regularly in forensic DNA typing. Total of 35 cases were studied which included accidental cases at various time intervals and burn cases, in all the cases the samples showed positive amplification, which further lead to the successful genotyping.
Keywords: Post mortem Blood, Dead body DNA profiling, dead body identification.

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