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Rom J Leg Med25(4)409-412(2017)
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Some ethical considerations and evaluation of the abuse at the elderly persons

A. Capisizu, R. Dăscălescu, V. M. Besoiu,

Abstract: Over the last 50 years, we are witnessing a continuous process of demographic transition that affects both developed and developing countries. Abuse and violence are manifestations of negative behaviour with a dangerous impact on the elderly. The most common actions of elderly abuse are negligence, financial, physical, psychological and/or emotional abuse. Researchers who studied the phenomenon of elder abuse have shown that patients over 75 years tend to have more risk factors for abuse, reason why various screening and assessment tools are needed to determine them. The Elderly Abuse Suspicious Index (EASI) is the most widely used tool in the world to identify risk factors for abuse in the elderly. The Elderly Assessment Tool (EAI) is a tool for assessing elderly abuse by following the signs, symptoms and subjective motives of abuse, neglect, exploitation and abandonment. A systematic use of the tools which detect abuse in the elderly would be useful, including in Romanian space, where the suspicions of elderly abuse are common, but their number is still uncertain. The tools for assessing and detecting abuse at this age group are useful and particularly necessary to improve their quality of life.
Keywords: abuse, elderly, assessment tools.

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