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Rom J Leg Med25(4)413-417(2017)
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The need of informed consent for age assessment in minors – A critical approach

C. Dogăroiu, I. Diac,

Abstract: Considering that the international legal framework generally offers a special status to minors, we aim to discuss age assessment in presumed minors from the perspective of Romanian legislation in regards to the European and international trends. In Romanian forensics, the anthropology departments that provide this type of expertise at the request of the authorities combine three methods, at the moment without requiring an informed consent. The international context and migration tend to support the need of informed consent. We find ourselves in the path of the migration wave, a problem for which we are not yet equipped to manage. After a careful review of the implication of informed consent in age assessment, we propose a few steps for a unitary approach for age assessment in minors.
Keywords: age assessment, informed consent, minors

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