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Rom J Leg Med25(4)435-438(2017)
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Psychosocial impact of scars in evaluation of aesthetic prejudice

F. Mekereș, G. F. Voiță, G. M. Mekereș, F. D. Bodog

Abstract: Evaluation of the aesthetic prejudice is an important element in forensic medicine, but currently there are no objective methods to measure it. Aesthetimetric method inspired from Greffe and Hodin methods do not provide a level of framing a scar in the aesthetic prejudices, the appreciations remaining purely subjective. The authors proposal is to use the impact of psychosocial factors in order to assess how scars affect the quality of life of the affected person. We consider 12 psychosocial indices, from which 7 are minor criteria evaluated with 1 point and 5 major criteria evaluated with 3 points. We quantified aesthetic prejudices by setting a step standard of 5 points; 5 points below, signifies an individual's ability to adapt in the presence of the scar, resulting that social life is not affected; this step standard represents the psychosocial internalization of the scar.
Keywords: aesthetic prejudice, scale of psychosocial internalization, aesthetic method.

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