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Vol. 23 Issue 4 December 2015

1. Sudden thyroid death. A systematic review
S. Hostiuc, L. Luca, D. B. Iliescu, M. I. Dascălu, E. Drima, I. Rențea, A. Moldoveanu, M. Ceaușu, D. Pirici
Rom J Leg Med23(4)233-242(2015)

2. A case of isolated ventricular septal rupture caused by blunt chest trauma
X. Chen, J. Zhang, Z. Deng, Y. Hou,
Rom J Leg Med23(4)243-246(2015)

3. A rare case of cardiac fibroma in a dead truck driver
C. T. Pusta, G. Mihalache, C. Buhas, O. Pop
Rom J Leg Med23(4)247-250(2015)

4. Sudden death due to non-traumatic subdural hematoma in a patient with a myeloproliferative disorder
M. Ceaușu, C. Dragoteanu, S. Hostiuc, I. Negoi
Rom J Leg Med23(4)251-256(2015)

5. Death due to Behçet’s disease? Malpractice?
R. Fedakar, B. Eren, M. S. Gürses, E. Gök, T. Vojtisek
Rom J Leg Med23(4)257-260(2015)

6. Medical-legal aspects of Hereditary angioedema complicated with severe laryngeal attack and fatal outcome: case report
P. M. Leru, C. Baicus,
Rom J Leg Med23(4)261-264(2015)

7. Diagnosis of male osteoporosis after severe lumbar trauma
A. Ghemigian, M. Carsote, D. Terzea, C. Capatina
Rom J Leg Med23(4)265-268(2015)

8. Placenta - the “black box” for the evolution of gestation and evidence in forensic expertise of pregnancy
P. R. Melinte, G. S. Dragoi, I. Dinca, E. Patrascu
Rom J Leg Med23(4)269-274(2015)

9. Reliability of the frontal sinus index for sex determination using CBCT
A. G. Benghiac, B. A. Thiel, D. Haba
Rom J Leg Med23(4)275-278(2015)

10. Registered cases of occupational n-hexane intoxication in Bucharest
M. Oțelea, C. Handra, A. Rașcu,
Rom J Leg Med23(4)279-284(2015)

11. Chronic abuse of hairspray by inhalation and sudden death of a 20-year-old woman
J. Lang, H. F. Zech, F. Veit, G. Lasczkowski, R. Dettmeyer
Rom J Leg Med23(4)285-288(2015)

12. Chemical suicide by inhalation of hydrogen sulfide in Sibiu County, Romania. Case report and literature review
H. Dura, S. Morar, C. R. Cipăian
Rom J Leg Med23(4)289-292(2015)

13. Tethered digital photography with built in Wi-Fi memory cards brings benefits to the environment of an autopsy room
P. Hejna, M. Janík, P. Urbanová
Rom J Leg Med23(4)293-295(2015)

14. Reconfiguration of anti-TB (MDR and XDR) budgetary allocations, in the context of following “Berlin Declaration”
I. Hurjui, I. Bostan
Rom J Leg Med23(4)296-299(2015)

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