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Vol. 24 Issue 2 June 2016

1. Myocardial bridging of coronary arteries: Sudden unexpected deaths in a 24–year–old man
S. Srettabunjong
Rom J Leg Med24(2)83-86(2016)

2. Acute esophageal necrosis (“black esophagus”): Case series in forensic autopsies casuistry
A. A. Keresztesi, G. Asofie, L. Chinezu, H. Jung,
Rom J Leg Med24(2)87-91(2016)

3. Is it possible to make early wound age estimation by immunohistochemical methods?
S. Kara, M. Akbaba, S. Kul, K. Bakır
Rom J Leg Med24(2)92-99(2016)

4. Usefulness of angiotensin type 2 receptor in establishing the histological age of myocardial infarction
I. Rentea, O. C. Voinea, S. Hostiuc, C. B. Iancu, N. Petre, M. Ceausu,
Rom J Leg Med24(2)100-105(2016)

5. Postmortem diagnosis of induced fatal hypothermia in adult albino rats
S. S. Elshama, H. E. H. Osman, A. E. M. E. Kenawy
Rom J Leg Med24(2)106-114(2016)

6. Evaluation of the shape of the orbit by using interdental distances
B. A. Anna, F. V. Perde, C. Dogăroiu, D. N. Păduraru, E. Drima,
Rom J Leg Med24(2)115-117(2016)

7. Obstructive sleep apnea – Case report and literature review
A. Rascu, O. C. Arghir, M. Otelea
Rom J Leg Med24(2)118-121(2016)

8. Late presentation in HIV-infected injecting drug users - a huge challenge for the Romanian health-care system
I. Ianache, P. C. , G. Tardei, S. Ruta, C. Oprea,
Rom J Leg Med24(2)122-127(2016)

9. Detection of kerosene in stomach contents – useful indicator of vital reaction
N. Tanaka, A. Takakura, M. Jamal, M. Kumihashi, A. Ito, K. Tsutsui, S. Kimura, K. Ameno, H. Kinoshita,
Rom J Leg Med24(2)128-130(2016)

10. Acute diazinon poisoning in sheep breeders in Sibiu County (Romania)
H. Dura, S. Morar, A. Boicean
Rom J Leg Med24(2)131-134(2016)

11. False positivity for marijuana in immunoassay analysis due to Efavirenz use. A case report
R. Döğer, A. E. Yayayürük, P.
Rom J Leg Med24(2)135-137(2016)

12. Dissymetry of the Gut Tube and its consequences in morphogenesis
G. S. Drăgoi, I. Marinescu, E. Pătraşcu, P. R. Melinte
Rom J Leg Med24(2)138-142(2016)

13. Possible interrelationship between deaths in prison and interruption of detention based on medical grounds – a study among inmates in Cluj County
C. Gherman, O. Chiroban, G. Lazăr
Rom J Leg Med24(2)143-146(2016)

14. Health-related risks associated with medical waste in legal medicine. A Romanian approach in EU context
I. Hurjui, M. C. Hurjui
Rom J Leg Med24(2)147-149(2016)

15. The Minovici siblings - medical pioneering and spiritual universe
A. Majuru
Rom J Leg Med24(2)150-154(2016)

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