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Vol. 24 Issue 4 December 2016

1. Hsp27 and 70 expression in the heart, lung and kidney in SIDS
E. Doberentz, S. Führing, B. Madea,
Rom J Leg Med24(4)247-252(2016)

2. A rare case of death showing multiple gunshot wounds inflicted by a single slug-type bullet
K. Hasegawa, I. Yamagishi, H. Nozawa, K. Gonmori, K. Minakata, O. Suzuki, K. Watanabe
Rom J Leg Med24(4)253-256(2016)

3. The keyhole lesion
S. Özsoy, H. Tugcu
Rom J Leg Med24(4)257-260(2016)

4. Analysis of injuries requiring ophthalmological check-ups because of frontal vehicle collisions
M. Hitosugi, M. Takaso, A. Matsumoto, T. Koseki, S. Furukawa, K. Mizuno
Rom J Leg Med24(4)261-265(2016)

5. Postmortem evaluation of chronic traumatic encephalopathy
O. Chiroban, L. P. Dumbravă
Rom J Leg Med24(4)266-272(2016)

6. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation-related complications. An essential approach to rescuer’s liability in Greece
A. Deliligka, P. Voultsos, A. A. Garyfallos, A. Enache, F. Chatzinikolaou,
Rom J Leg Med24(4)273-276(2016)

7. The first fatal dengue virus infection case in Turkey: Autopsy findings
B. Değirmenci, T. Akar, S. Özsoy, M. Özdemir, B. Özdemir, B. Demirel
Rom J Leg Med24(4)277-280(2016)

8. Sudden death due to asymptomatic myocarditis – a forensic case report
T. Kiryakova, D. Nikolov, A. Alexandrov
Rom J Leg Med24(4)281-283(2016)

9. Evaluation of sudden cardiac death cases with preceding minor physical/ emotional trauma
Ümit Naci Gündoğmuş, Muhammet Demir, Uğur Çom, Hüsrev Demirel, Yiğit Sezer, Ali Tavaslı, Hüseyin Oflaz
Rom J Leg Med24(4)284-288(2016)

10. Medico-legal issues of the nuchal cord at birth
L. Pleș, V. Beliș, A. Rîcu, R. M. Sima
Rom J Leg Med24(4)289-293(2016)

11. An assessment of sex using craniofacial measurements of human crania by discriminant function analysis
D. Jain, O. P. Jasuja, S. Nath
Rom J Leg Med24(4)294-299(2016)

12. The difficulty in establishing the generating mechanism of cranial and vertebral lesions in a cadaver partially skeletonised
C. Buhas, G. Mihalache, B. Buhas, S. Bungau
Rom J Leg Med24(4)300-303(2016)

13. Height prediction from ulnar length in Chabahar: a City in South-East of Iran
M. B. Haghighi, S. Navid, G. Hassanzadeh,
Rom J Leg Med24(4)304-307(2016)

14. Datura poisoning, clinical and laboratory findings. Report of five cases
M. Arefi, N. Barzegari, M. Asgari, S. Soltani, N. Farhidnia, F. Fallah,
Rom J Leg Med24(4)308-311(2016)

15. On an engaged case of cardiac arrhythmia following duloxetine intoxication
C. Buccelli, G. Vacchiano, M. Niola, V. Graziano, P. Basilicata, A. Silvestre, M. Pieri,
Rom J Leg Med24(4)312-317(2016)

16. Diagnostics of fatal poisoning with 4-hydroxybutyric acid, ethanol and cannabinoids
M. Wiergowski, J. S. Anand, K. Karnecki, I. Sołtyszewski, Z. Jankowski
Rom J Leg Med24(4)318-324(2016)

17. The burnout syndrome of forensic pathologists. The influences of personality traits, job satisfaction and environmental factors
M. Iorga, C. Soponaru, B. Hanganu, B. G. Ioan
Rom J Leg Med24(4)325-332(2016)

18. Legal and ethical dimensions of organ transplantation: A comparative report from Turkey
H. Dogan
Rom J Leg Med24(4)333-338(2016)

19. Medication costs for patients in national health programs
I. Hurjui,
Rom J Leg Med24(4)339-342(2016)

20. Claims of “uniqueness” in forensic medicine
C. C. Radu, D. B. Iliescu
Rom J Leg Med24(4)343-345(2016)

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