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Vol. 25 Issue 1 March 2017

1. Effect of ethanol on capsaicin-induced nerve-mediated vasorelaxation in rat arteries
R. Kudo, K. Yuui, S. Kasuda, M. Nakata, H. Imai, M. Nakanishi, K. Hatake
Rom J Leg Med25(1)1-7(2017)

2. Heat shock protein expression in cardiac tissue in amphetamine-related deaths
B. Madea, R. Wagner, P. Markwerth, E. Doberentz
Rom J Leg Med25(1)8-13(2017)

3. Value and limits of surgery in acute pancreatitis – forensic dilemma in case of death in acute pancreatitis
B. Mastalier, C. Botezatu, A. Petca, D. C. Badiu, R. A. Ionescu, S. Zurac, V. Beliș,
Rom J Leg Med25(1)14-19(2017)

4. Mortality causes in infectious diseases
S. A. Florescu, P. I. Calistru, S. Smadu, D. Codreanu, A. M. P. (Veja), C. P. Popescu, E. Ceausu,
Rom J Leg Med25(1)20-23(2017)

5. Acute aortic dissections: The importance of a correct recognition
D. Capano, I. Mercurio, G. Troiano, M. Benvenuti, M. Gabbrielli
Rom J Leg Med25(1)24-25(2017)

6. A suicidal gunshot injury with a homemade zip gun during a traffic stop
M. Zdarilek, E. Nevická, R. Rozboril, B. Ťažký, J. Šidlo
Rom J Leg Med25(1)26-30(2017)

7. Two deaths due to undiagnosed cerebral amyloid angiopathy and literature review
B. Ťažký, I. Komáreková, R. Rozboril, E. Nevická, M. Zdarílek, J. Šidlo
Rom J Leg Med25(1)31-36(2017)

8. Insertion of foreign bodies in penis in the convict settlements environment
I. Brezean, D. Ferechide, M. O. D. Lupușoru, S. Petrea
Rom J Leg Med25(1)37-40(2017)

9. Case report of a long term cotton string granuloma mimicking intracranial tumour
A. V. Papacocea, M. T. Papacocea
Rom J Leg Med25(1)41-43(2017)

10. Cardiac rupture during cardio-pulmonary resuscitation Case presentation and literature data
B. Hanganu, M. Neagu, M. Iorga, B. G. Ioan
Rom J Leg Med25(1)44-48(2017)

11. Hypereosinophilic syndrome with severe cardiac involvement and fatal outcome. Case report and review of the literature
P. M. Leru, V. F. Anton, C. Baicus
Rom J Leg Med25(1)49-53(2017)

12. Waterhouse-Friederichsen syndrome in infants and children (Forensic case series)
B. E. Tudosă, L. Chinezu, H. Jung,
Rom J Leg Med25(1)54-59(2017)

13. On an engaged case of cardiac arrhythmia following duloxetine intoxication
C. Buccelli, G. Vacchiano, M. Niola, V. Graziano, P. Basilicata, A. Silvestre, M. Pieri,
Rom J Leg Med25(1)60-64(2017)

14. A university hospital patients and their relatives’ opinions on violence in health
Z. F. Yaşar, E. Durukan, E. Büken
Rom J Leg Med25(1)65-69(2017)

15. Skeletal evidence of brucellosis in a medicolegal context: A report of two cases
I. Anastopoulou, E. Zorba, C. Eliopoulos, K. Moraitis,
Rom J Leg Med25(1)70-74(2017)

16. A preliminary study of dental patterns in panoramic radiography for forensic identification
H. Ö. Yılancı, N. Akkaya, D. Göksülük
Rom J Leg Med25(1)75-81(2017)

17. Fetal-maternal toxicology: fetal somatic consequences of noxious habits in pregnant women
C. Ionescu, M. Dimitriu, E. Poenaru, R. Viezuină, C. G. Furău
Rom J Leg Med25(1)82-88(2017)

18. Application of energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (EDX) in forensics – titanium, silicon and magnesium in the stomach contents as good indicators for ingestion of pharmaceutical tablets
N. Tanaka, A. Takakura, M. Kumihashi, M. Jamal, A. Ito, S. Kimura, K. Tsutsui, K. Ameno, H. Kinoshita,
Rom J Leg Med25(1)89-91(2017)

19. Evaluation of the quality of bone powder for successful STR typing of human skeletal remains
I. Z. Pajnič,
Rom J Leg Med25(1)92-98(2017)

20. Using DNA typing methods to identify dental specimens exposed to different environmental conditions
N. A. Dogan, Y. E. Akman, G. Rayimoglu, E. H. Yukseloglu
Rom J Leg Med25(1)99-103(2017)

21. Recurrent post partum depression and infanticide. A case report
R. Pãunescu, O. Blãnaru , I. Micluția
Rom J Leg Med25(1)104-108(2017)

22. Depression, mortality and suicidal traits of HCV infected patients
C. N. P. Boanca, G. Gherlan, P. I. Calistru
Rom J Leg Med25(1)109-112(2017)

23. Ethical implications of a quantitative study that analyzes the drug consumers from a Bucharest neighbourhood
A. Baciu, A. Pungă
Rom J Leg Med25(1)113-119(2017)

24. Assessment of patients’ knowledge level regarding the informed consent from the ethical aspect
I. Erkan, Y. Mayadagli, M. Akbaba
Rom J Leg Med25(1)120-124(2017)

25. Ethical and legal medicine aspects related to hepatic encephalopathy
E. Toader, G. G. Bălan, D. B. Iliescu, D. P. Dumbrava
Rom J Leg Med25(1)125-127(2017)

26. The efficiency of the funds for the patients' medication in health programs
I. Hurjui, C. M. Hurjui
Rom J Leg Med25(1)128-130(2017)

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