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Vol. 25 Issue 2 June 2017

1. Forensic significance of phenotypical transformations of villus terminalis in human placenta
G. S. Drăgoi, E. Pătraşcu, I. Dincă, M. M. Botoran, P. R. Melinte
Rom J Leg Med25(2)131-139(2017)

2. Cryptococcus neoformans associated death in a non-HIV patient
S. A. Florescu, E. Ceausu, C. P. Popescu, E. Nedu, M. Nica, P. Ionescu, S. Smadu, D. Codreanu, P. I. Calistru,
Rom J Leg Med25(2)140-145(2017)

3. Useful markers to assess traumatic and hypoxic brain injury
V. I. Chirica,
Rom J Leg Med25(2)146-151(2017)

4. Fatty degeneration in renal tissue in cases of fatal accidental hypothermia
E. Doberentz, P. Markwerth, B. Madea,
Rom J Leg Med25(2)152-157(2017)

5. Traffic accident with minor cervical lesions but with unexpected medico-legal evolution and consequences: dissection of the internal carotid artery
M. Sabău, G. Mihalache, C. Buhas
Rom J Leg Med25(2)158-164(2017)

6. Acute myocardial infarction following off label retrobulbar injection of desmopressin for non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (NAION). Causal correlation or coincidence?
M. D. Paolo, V. Bugelli, M. Figus, S. Fornaro, B. Guidi, C. Giannarelli, M. Tuccori
Rom J Leg Med25(2)165-168(2017)

7. A critical review of the practice of recommended forensic medical examiner in Romania for the last three years
D. P. Dumbravă, D. B. Iliescu, C. Scripcaru, C. Siserman, V. Hadareanu, O. Chiroban
Rom J Leg Med25(2)169-173(2017)

8. CBCT assessment of the frontal sinus volume and anatomical variations for sex determination
A. G. Benghiac, C. Budacu, M. Moscalu, B. G. Ioan, A. Moldovanu, D. Haba
Rom J Leg Med25(2)174-179(2017)

9. Dermestes frischii and D. undulatus (Coleoptera: Dermestidae) on a Human Corpse in Southern Italy: First Report*
T. Bonacci, V. Vercillo, M. Benecke
Rom J Leg Med25(2)180-184(2017)

10. Detection of drugs in paired maternal and umbilical cord blood samples
F. Veit, F. Erdmann, C. Birngruber, R. Dettmeyer
Rom J Leg Med25(2)185-192(2017)

11. Flunitrazepam in stomach contents may be a good indicator of its massive ingestion
H. Kinoshita, N. Tanaka, A. Takakura, M. Kumihashi, M. Jamal, A. Ito, K. Tsutsui, S. Kimura, S. Matsubara, K. Ameno
Rom J Leg Med25(2)193-195(2017)

12. Suitability of post mortem cardiac blood for forensic genetic testing
S. P. Mandal, S. Kakkar, P. Shrivastava,
Rom J Leg Med25(2)196-200(2017)

13. Biochemical correction factors to estimation of post-mortem interval in vitreous humor
G. P. Bonete, I. Legaz, C. P. Martínez, M. D. P. Cárceles, A. Luna
Rom J Leg Med25(2)201-204(2017)

14. Suicide risk is associated with low levels of platelet serotonin in bipolar I disorder
A. Giurgiuca, B. Nemes, S. Schipor, A. Caragheorgheopol, D. Cozman, C. Tudose
Rom J Leg Med25(2)205-210(2017)

15. Demonology and suicide - Forensic implications
V. Scripcaru, D. B. Iliescu, C. Furnică, A. Scripcaru, P. (. Nistor
Rom J Leg Med25(2)211-216(2017)

16. The usefulness of the Draw-a-Person (DAP) test in diagnosing domestic violence on children
O. P. Velea, A. I. Lala, L. M. Sturzu, G. Bobîrnac, D. A. Spinu
Rom J Leg Med25(2)217-220(2017)

17. Bioethical aspects regarding filiation as a result of artificial fecundation
M. M. Mihăilă,
Rom J Leg Med25(2)221-226(2017)

18. Malignancies in HIV-infected patients – incidence and predictors of survival in a Romanian health care facility
C. Oprea, I. Ianache, P. Ionescu, E. Ceausu, P. Calistru,
Rom J Leg Med25(2)227-234(2017)

19. The medical and medicolegal use of the radiological image storage PACS for an orthopedic hospital
I. C. Stoica, S. Mogos, A. Draghici, R. Cergan,
Rom J Leg Med25(2)235-238(2017)

20. Temporary work incapacity and its financial impact on public funds
I. Hurjui, C. M. Hurjui
Rom J Leg Med25(2)239-241(2017)

21. OBITUARY Professor Viorel Alexandru Emanuel Panaitescu
M. R. MD, PhD, P. G. C. Curca
Rom J Leg Med25(2)242-242(2017)

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