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Vol. 25 Issue 4 December 2017

1. The variability of C9 expression in ischemic-necrotic lesions of human myocardium
I. Rentea, V. Purcarea, L. Lacramioara, A. Tita, L. E. Ivan, O. Neagu, M. Bosa, Z. Ceausu, M. Ceausu,
Rom J Leg Med25(4)325-330(2017)

2. Multidrug resistance stimulated antagonistic antibiotic interactions
K. Yilancioglu, O. Unlu
Rom J Leg Med25(4)331-336(2017)

3. Suicides with captive bolt pistols in Siena province: entrance wound analysis
D. Capano, I. Mercurio, L. Fidenzi, G. Landi, M. Gabbrielli
Rom J Leg Med25(4)337-341(2017)

4. Measles inclusion-body pneumonia: case report of an 18 months old girl autopsy
I. Z. Radu,
Rom J Leg Med25(4)342-345(2017)

5. Fatal blunt trauma with rare and undetected superior vena cava rupture: a case report and literature review
R. Barranco, S. Candosin, A. Molinelli, F. Ventura,
Rom J Leg Med25(4)346-350(2017)

6. Injury of the brain and liver capillaries in lethal car accidents
P. Makovicky, R. Matlach, P. Makovicky, I. Svecova, G. Samasca
Rom J Leg Med25(4)351-358(2017)

7. Forensic approach in term pregnancy with plurimalformat fetus
L. G. Daina, S. M. Armean, E. Rosca, O. Tica, G. Mihalache, C. M. Daina
Rom J Leg Med25(4)359-363(2017)

8. Clinical aspects and medico-legal implications of purpura fulminans in children
G. Jugulete, M. Merișescu, A. E. Bastian, M. Luminos,
Rom J Leg Med25(4)364-368(2017)

9. Body length estimation during the post mortem interval: preliminary study
D. Ferorelli, A. Dell’Erba, B. Solarino
Rom J Leg Med25(4)369-372(2017)

10. Crania sexual dimorphism of an European subpopulation: CT scan discriminant function analysis in a Romanian subadult casuistry
D. T. Raghina, M. Marinescu, A. Diaconeasa, B. Olteanu, P. Perlea, M. Dragu
Rom J Leg Med25(4)373-378(2017)

11. Sudden death in relation to inhaling lighter fluid in adolescents
T. Bork, O. Celbis, S. Petekkaya, B. S. Oner, E. Samdancı
Rom J Leg Med25(4)379-383(2017)

12. Ethyl and isopropyl alcohol poisonings: standardised approach for postmortem evaluation of the toxic interaction
J. Plenta, G. Kisielius, R. Raudys, R. Badaras, T. Jovaisa, V. Justickis, I. Plentaite
Rom J Leg Med25(4)384-389(2017)

13. Suitability of post-mortem cardiac blood for forensic genetic profiling
S. Mandal, S. Kakkar, P. Shrivastava,
Rom J Leg Med25(4)390-394(2017)

14. Suicide risk is associated with low levels of platelet serotonin in bipolar I disorder
A. Giurgiuca, B. Nemes, S. Schipor, A. Caragheorgheopol, D. Cozman, C. Tudose
Rom J Leg Med25(4)395-399(2017)

15. Ethical aspects in endoscopic sinus surgery complications
R. Hainarosie, S. Pituru, C. Pietrosanu, I. Ionita, V. Zainea,
Rom J Leg Med25(4)400-404(2017)

16. Legal and ethical aspects of Platelet-Rich Plasma
I. B. Codorean, E. Cernat, D. Popescu, R. D. Sinescu, P. Perlea
Rom J Leg Med25(4)405-408(2017)

17. Some ethical considerations and evaluation of the abuse at the elderly persons
A. Capisizu, R. Dăscălescu, V. M. Besoiu,
Rom J Leg Med25(4)409-412(2017)

18. The need of informed consent for age assessment in minors – A critical approach
C. Dogăroiu, I. Diac,
Rom J Leg Med25(4)413-417(2017)

19. Acute type A aortic dissection - diagnosis and treatment in a frequent litigation disease
A. G. Iosifescu, V. A. Iliescu,
Rom J Leg Med25(4)418-427(2017)

20. Impact on population health due to inefficient financing of investments in the field
I. Hurjui, C. M. Hurjui
Rom J Leg Med25(4)428-431(2017)

21. Forensic, ethical and religious issues regarding the cremation process
C. C. Radu, C. Rebeleanu, D. Ureche, C. Scripcaru
Rom J Leg Med25(4)432-434(2017)

22. Psychosocial impact of scars in evaluation of aesthetic prejudice
F. Mekereș, G. F. Voiță, G. M. Mekereș, F. D. Bodog
Rom J Leg Med25(4)435-438(2017)

23. Relevance of autopsy in nursing education - a view from inside
I. S. Manoilescu, B. Hanganu, A. A. Velnic, B. G. Ioan, M. Iorga
Rom J Leg Med25(4)439-442(2017)

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